• You know music has the power to change your mood. Let's take it deeper, teaching you revolutionary life skills that build your mental fitness and emotional intelligence in as little as 15-25 minutes.  Increase your capacity to deal with more stress. Become a member of the Las Vegas Music 4 Life® Health Club for as low as $20/month and save up to 90% off program fees. User-friendly life skills are taught for job maintenance, career development and life support, through our four divisions ... Music Therapy Wellness Circles Music Medicine Drum Circles
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  • Drum Circles

    Drum Circles are fun, family friendly events where all abilities are welcome as we connect community rhythms into one powerful voice. Request a drum circle today!
  • Music Medicine Programs & Products

    Stress is the #1 killer, causing 95% of all disease-related ailments. Stay Healthy: Regulate the Stress. – Dr. Bruce Lipton, cellular biologist

    Are you stressed or trapped in grim moods? Your music choices may be keeping you trapped in stress!

    Discover ways to regulate stress and save health care costs here.

    Reduce stress, anxiety, anger, depression and sadness!

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  • Music Medicine Cove

    "The vibrations and music seem to take away much of the extraneous anxiety and allow me to process concerns on a deeper, more logical level."
    — Nicole

    "It literally took me on a journey through heaven. I have really chronic back pain and the pain is gone."
    — Ryan

    Schedule your appointment to relieve emotional and physical pains in the Music Medicine Cove.

  • Music 4 Life® Wellness Partners

    Increase sales by learning crucial information about your customer’s needs when they complete the free Music 4 Life® online self-assessment.

    Review life conditions on the assessment to determine if your products or services address these problems. If yes is your answer, contact Music 4 Life, Inc. to pre-qualify your training for Advisor Certification (geographic area specific).

    Read Judith Pinkerton's article "Music Wellness Programs: Merging Self-Responsible Strategies."

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    Karen Campbell
  • Music Therapy

    Music therapy individual and group sessions are provided by a licensed, credentialed professional who has completed a music therapy program approved by Nevada State Board of Health.

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Everything we do at Music 4 Life® we believe challenges the status quo because we live differently. We empower people to be responsible for their health with easy, accessible, inexpensive programs and products to liberate peace and happiness, and build mental fitness. Music 4 Life® staff teach user-friendly life skills for career development, job maintenance and life support, through Music Therapy, Music Medicine, Drum Circles and Wellness Circles. Read More [+]
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