About Us

At Music 4 Life® we practice healing Mind, Body and Spirit. We empower people to be responsible for their health with easy, accessible, inexpensive programs and products connecting the Life of the Senses with the Life of the Spirit through Music Therapy, Music Medicine, Drum Circles and Wellness Circles.

  • Learn to stay calm when craziness surrounds you.
  • Don’t spin off into flight or fight.
  • Build your emotional muscle (strength and flexibility) to match the demands of work stress.
  • Dispel bad moods with a permanent solution.
  • Liberate peace and happiness.
  • Dial down stressful situations.
  • Achieve high Emotional Intelligence EQ
  • Mental fitness with emotional mastery
  • Attitude positive
  • Training for the healer and trainer
  • Control one’s own emotions
  • Learn to respond not react

Music 4 Life® Core Values: HEALC

  • Embracing the flow of harmonious HEALING space
  • Tangible EXPANSION vibrating continuously
  • Learning through the tempo of AUTHENTICITY
  • LIKE-HEARTED synergistic connections
  • Orchestrating a COLLABORATIVE, healthy, happy global community