MEE – Music Exercising Emotions™ Concert

MEE ConcertThe “MEE Concert” has effectively reduced anxiety, fear, depression, stress and emotional trauma for individuals struggling with medical conditions, family or work challenges and the stress brought on by war and terrorism. The “MEE Concert” was developed over a two-year period as Judith performed individual pieces with a variety of instrumental arrangements. Select arrangements produced positive audience response within a sequenced format that evolved into the USE MEE Model.

The cover photo, shot in January of 1991, is especially significant. Judith began daily meditations to resolve Desert Storm after climbing a hill and looking into a valley of army tanks. People across the country silently joined her as she played the violin during meditation. The “MEE Concert” premiered two months later with violin, piano, synthesizers, bass and drums performing a variety of music styles, including classical, jazz/funk, ragtime and world styles.

Research findings suggest seminar participants, cancer patients and university subjects experienced a significant reduction in “unsettledness” after listening to the “MEE Concert.” A cardiac study is underway as a result of a heart patient’s ability to reduce stress and increase exercise with the use of this recording.

The Music Sections

Judith and fellow musician Alan MacIntosh arranged the music sections for a five-piece band. Alan composed two original pieces for the “MEE Concert,” “Drone” and “Steel Feel.” Each section evokes a different emotional state. Become a Music 4 Life® member to listen to music excerpts.

Use CAUTION if listening to the “MEE Concert” while driving or doing an activity that requires concentration and accuracy. The “MEE Concert” can be as powerful as medicine. Listen to the 23 minutes nonstop to avoid getting “stuck” in one emotion. The music is designed to significantly reduce problematic moods with the goal of putting you in control. Customize your listening variations once you have achieved “emotional fluidity.” Contact Music 4 Life® for more information.

“MEE Concert” can be sampled when you become a Music 4 Life® member.

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