Music Medicine Boot Camp™

musmedbc logoMusic Medicine Boot Camp is a do-it-yourself tutorial learning how to create and access new playlists from all genres for effective mood control.

  • Reduce anxiety or stress
  • Reach peak performance
  • Focus energy, thoughts, and efforts on positive actions
  • Create new music playlists for effective mood control

Listen to Boot Camp trainer and music therapist Judith Pinkerton speak on TEDxUNLV about the dilemma of misinterpreting moods … fueled by music listening habits … stuck in danger zones.

This tutorial course download includes four audio tracks and 32-page workbook.  Allow three hours total to complete the tutorial, which may be done in four separate stages:

  • Choosing Healing Music – learn neuroscience, psychology and music therapy principles to guide music choices.
  • Music’s Health Story About You – discover how your 3 responses link to music preferences.
  • Essential Healing Playlists – categorize music differently into new playlists.
  • Create Mood Sequence Formulas™ – access new music playlists within a formula to overcome daily challenges.

“The Music Medicine Boot Camp is so easy to digest. I love music and will no longer shuffle it. Now I use music intentionally with mood categories and creating formulas for sleep when I travel.”   — Carolyn, cancer survivor, Nevada

The most beneficial aspect I learned from the Music Medicine Boot Camp is how to analyze the relationship between musical elements and physical responses/mood. Personally, my ‘music diet’ has become more balanced since I took the course and I am more aware that what I listen to has a direct effect on how I feel (both physically and emotionally). Professionally, this insight has helped me to prepare appropriate music therapy sessions for clients. I found myself asking ‘Will the elements of this music contribute to an insightful or positive experience for the client?’ In other words, I would consider whether or not the elements of the music would lead the client to the appropriate mood or physical response in order to meet the objective of the session.”     — Mariel Duran, Music Therapy Student, California State University, Northridge

“Intern supervisors become more intentional, addressing choices of music with interns and their clients, helping interns think differently about expanded repertoires and how the music uses you.”        – Barbara Reuer, PhD, LPMT, MT-BC, Music 4 Life® Music Medicine Practitioner

“Music 4 Life® Music Medicine was a fantastic addition to my music therapy training. Everything I learned from Judith can be used not only with my clients (who range from 6 months to 100+ years of age), but with myself as well. We as therapists forget to use our skills to care for ourselves. Music Medicine was a great reminder of this fact while giving a simple formula for everyday utilization! I fully recommend Music Medicine!”     – Becky Wellman, PhD, LPMT, MT-BC, Music 4 Life® Music Medicine Practitioner

Continuing education is approved by the Nevada State Board of Nursing (provider #NV000209) for 3.0 CEUS (reciprocity for other health boards), and 3.0 CMTEs by the Certification Board for Music Therapists (print promo flyer).

If you desire individual support beyond the Boot Camp, schedule your personalized assessment, training and treatment.

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