Music Medicine Pill™

Increase your capacity to handle more stress when applying Music 4 Life’s Music Medicine Pill. Not a ‘pill’ like medicine, but sort of, in a different way.

Imagine creating your own Music Medicine Pill that is an exclusive formulation of special music considered from all genres, and pre-selected to populate Mood Sequence Formula playlists. When music from all genres meets specific criteria, then sequenced within mood categories, a reduction in unsettledness can be achieved, at the same time increasing peace and happiness. Discover the three mood playlists and music selections to mitigate unsettledness in this download.

Experienced and in demand by thousands of people in treatment settings, this one-page list of music for a typical Music Medicine Pill is already assigned to the best mood categories and optimal mood sequence which has worked best for thousands of individuals with significant stress in all domains – spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. When board-certified music therapists apply this playlist during music therapy, participants are guided with words and music selections are adapted with shortened lengths to meet time, sequencing, entrainment and mood criteria. If you choose to apply this playlist for self-care, it is strongly recommended that you work with a mental health professional, and consult with her or him for best course of action. This playlist applies music as medicine with remarkable results in less than 45-minutes.

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