“Soulkiss” music with the Aroma Drum®

REMO’s Aroma Drum® was created with the drumming album “Stress Brake,” now sold separately here, or as a kit at this link.  Listen to the soothing “Soulkiss” music in this video, which is one of three tracks on the Music 4 Life® Music Medicine “Stress Brake” album.  To apply Music as Medicine, order the entire album, with all three tracks here to regulate mood by decreasing unsettledness at the same time increasing peace and happiness.

“Stress Brake” was produced by licensed board-certified music therapist Judith Pinkerton with composer/arranger Jeffrey Neiman.

If you purchased the Aroma Drum® separately through a partner, and wish to download the “Soulkiss” music track: enter your special code after adding the “Soulkiss” to your shopping cart.

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