“I have abnormal heartbeats with Long QT Syndrome. It feels like the MEE Concert music releases a million tiny workmen into my system to find and fix the problem areas. I listen to the MEE Concert 3 to 7 times a week – I’ve stopped fainting and I can finally exercise without my blood pressure spiking.”

— Romona S., Vocational Rehab Counselor, Utah

“During the MEE Concert I felt a swift blow in my back just below my shoulder blades. I thought the man behind me had hit me with his fist. But I realized the blow was below the level of the chair back, so it couldn’t have been from an external source. The class facilitator suggested it was my heart chakra opening. I have had a slipped disk and some leg pain since 1956, but recently I noticed the pain has gone away since the chakra-opening event.”

— Bill S., Retired Airline Pilot, Actor, California


“The MEE Concert CD really soothed and calmed me down from trembling and being in shock one hour after a car accident. The first two songs relaxed me. I felt like I was floating. I felt my blood flowing. I felt my heart beat as I went into a deep state of relaxation. Now, I can return to work and concentrate — and listen again tonight!”

― Mary Rose C., Nevada Business Executive


“I experienced my whole life during the ‘MEE Concert.’ As I went through that first stage of music I relived the time when I tried to be everything to everybody and couldn’t keep up. During the slower music I felt the crashes I would experience in the past. Then I would come back up and try again. The music repeated the same thing that I had been through. That period of my life ended, and love began [tears — with the music], and that was very moving. Then I felt the joy toward the end that all of that has brought me.”

– John M., Nevada